Happy birthday to me!

It’s my birthday (in Japan at least—we’re a day ahead), and that means I can do whatever I want, which right now means posting a bunch of pictures of hydrangeas!


Blue hydrangeas


Japan is big on signs of the seasons—if it’s autumn, you have to eat persimmons and go on a leaf-viewing excursion; late summer is the time for fireworks and cold somen noodles, and of course there are the world-famous cherry blossoms in the spring. June is mostly known for being the height of the rainy season (although this year wasn’t too bad), but since that isn’t very appealing, most calendars and seasonally themed items feature hydrangeas instead.


Purple hydrangea


I thought hydrangeas were a pretty boring flower back in the States where we only have pale greenish pink or blue ones, but the range and intensity of colors (not to mention the special varieties with different shapes) in Japanese hydrangeas is astounding. They are so beautiful and I’m glad that they’re my birthday flower!


Bluish-purple hydrangeas



Funky hydrangeas



Pink hydrangea

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One thought on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. letizia says:

    happy birthday (belated now)!!

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