I’m alive

But I’ve been very, very busy. I’m currently in limbo at my mom’s house in Folsom, getting ready to move into my new apartment on Wednesday—more on that later. The move from Japan to the States, needless to mention, was hellish and stressful and full of mixed-up emotions and bureaucratic loose ends, but it’s almost (almost!) done, and then I can start getting to know my city again.

As a peace offering, here are some links I’ve collected during the past few weeks. Most of them are a bit out of date by now, but they’re definitely worth a look.

First up, two new offerings from Litquake: They’ve recently launched the LitCast podcast and released a summer reading list populated with new Bay Area fiction.

7×7 has a nice article about City Lights Books, in which founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti looks back on the bookstore’s beginnings and its evolution through the last half-century. It’s the first in a series called “The Most Creative Spaces in San Francisco History,” which also covers the Fillmore, the Castro Theatre, Stern Grove, and more.

The SF Agenda has an Insider Tips Q&A with Valencia author Michelle Tea about her restaurant , shopping, and sightseeing recs. Read all the way to the end for info on the Columbarium, the only non-denominational burial place still in use in San Francisco, and to hear her tell it, one of the city’s hidden gems.

The Millions‘s #LitBeat takes a look at a recent event at the Mission’s Makeout Room. It gives a pretty good feel for San Francisco’s literary scene and the kind of events that form its backbone. It’s also timely for me—the article’s author has also just arrived back in SF after several years away.

And finally, Alejandro Murguía has been named San Francisco’s new Poet Laureate (SFGate, Mission Loc@l). From the SFGate article: “If Murguía has his way, the Board of Supervisors might follow up roll call with a haiku at its next weekly meeting.” He has a lot of really interesting ideas—check out the articles to read more. Murguía had several readings and appearances at the San Francisco International Poetry Festival, which ended yesterday.

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