Bookmark Monday

Sakura and lotus bookmarks

Aloi over at Guiltless Reading started a Bookmark Monday meme recently. I’m terrible about bookmarks—I’m always using scraps of paper and receipts, and since getting an e-reader I’ve dispensed with them almost completely—but finally I have something to share! These were a gift from one of my favorite teachers I worked with in Japan. She brought them back from a trip with her family to the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, and I guess they (along with a few other goodies) were kind of my going-away gift from her and the school we worked at together (my very favorite—I miss the students every day). The sakura (cherry blossom) one is more typically Japanese, I guess, but I love the lotus one because it reminds me of the summer lotuses in Takada Park. So many fond memories.

Anyway, happy Monday! I’m starting an internship at a local publisher today, which is why I’m posting so early. I’m really looking forward to it… I have a lot to learn!

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2 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday

  1. lucky you to have visited japan. those are gorgeous! they’re equally gorgeous – i couldnt say which one i like better 🙂 thanks so much for joining bookmark monday! and good luck with you internship!

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