Link roundup: Podcasts, courses, events and more!

Still working on getting some real posts up, alas. Here’s what I’ve got for now:

  • Books and Booze, a group for Bay Area publishing professionals, is having a networking event at Chronicle Books on November 8! Now to convince some fellow interns to go with me.
  • UC Berkeley Extension now offers a course on Litquake, where you can learn about the festival authors and their work. Way out of my price range, but a totally cool idea. (That said, Litquake itself is coming up fast and the volunteer party is this weekend!)
  • The SF Arts Commission’s Deep Roots podcast features San Francisco’s poet laureate Alejandro Murguia this week. (via Mission Loc@l)
  • Not lit-related, but AWESOME: Shawn Clover has put together a set of composite photos that blend scenes from the 1906 earthquake with modern San Francisco. Dennis Smith’s San Francisco Is Burning has been on my to-read list for some time now… maybe I should bump that up. (via Burrito Justice)

I’ll be attending this panel on West Coast publishing at City Lights tonight, and I’m pretty excited about it (though a bit gutted that I’ll probably be late thanks to work). The publisher of one of the houses where I intern (who I haven’t actually met yet) will be on the panel. I’m really interested to hear what everyone has to say!

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